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About us

The Timber Trade Company since 2001 produces and supplies high – quality timber from various grades of wood: pine-trees, fir-trees, larches and birches.

We supply timber, birch shanks and other wood products not only across The Russian Federation but to the CIS countries and foreign countries.

For 13 years of working we had to face with all possible difficulties and fine points of production and sale of wood products. Such experience allows us to saw timber with the maximum benefit.

Also, for years of working we established communication with other producers which, as well as we provide high quality of a cut board, bar and other timber, and their price is quite low for us. According to this, it’s worth to cooperate with our company because we’ll definitely get a big delivery of high quality and precisely in time.

The same situation is with transport companies and private carriers. Thanks to them, we can offer to our buyers the available delivery of timber across Russia.


The Timber Trade Company is:

— Selling department — people, who process your order, control allstages of realization:production, sorting of timber, loading and delivery.

— Department of logistics – people who estimate an optimal way of delivery the material from our factory to the client.

— Legal department — people who make all details of production and delivery legal and correct.

-Delivery department — people who are responsible for quality of the delivered production.

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