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There are various ways of delivery our products to the client. It depends on the current need of the client and economic feasibility.

According to the region and necessary volume we are trying to select an optimum way of delivery so that the price was minimal.

In case the volume of production doesn’t exceed 150 cubic meters, we prefer to deliver our wood production by the motor transport.

In a case the volume is large and it is necessary to deliver it to a long distance, it is favorable to deliver by the railway transport. For the counties of the CIS is the most favorable way.

In case the volume is more than 1500 cubic meters we deliver it by the sea transport.

Africa, the Middle East, Southern to Korea is a part of those regions to which it is most favorable to send timber by sea.

Depending on the concrete demand we deliver boards from a pine, fir-trees and larches and other wood products to the ports of St. Petersburg or Novorossiysk and then to any points of the world.

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